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In this tech-driven world, our conference serves as a special platform to uncover the mysteries of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) and its close ties to emerging technologies. To make the subject more tangible, we make use of so-called thematic areas or 'tracks'. These tracks ensure relevance and innovative content all related to GAI.

The following tracks are the foundation on which several experts and future Information Managers will share their research and knowledge at the conference January 11 2024.

  1. GAI and Emerging Technologies: Witness GAI's role in revolutionizing robotics, quantum computing, and more.
  2. Privacy & Security: Join us in analyzing potential risks and advocate for robust frameworks to protect sensitive data.  
  3. Technical Infrastructure Adaptation: Discuss computational requirements, networking capabilities and optimizing infrastructure for GAI
  4. IT Governance: Explore policy frameworks and organizational practices for responsible GAI development and deployment.
  5. Ethics & Legal: Examine ethical and legal implications, ensuring fairness, accountability, and transparency in GAI.
  6. Application of GAI: Learn how GAI optimizes processes in healthcare, disaster management, and beyond.

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